InUnison – “Making the world a safer place to work”

A Health and Safety Software solution built by HSE Professionals. 

InUnison, where we’re transforming workplace health and safety management. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools including a compliant Health and Safety Program  (Policies, Safe Work Practices and Forms) designed to streamline compliance, customize risk assessments, and facilitate real-time incident reporting and analysis. With InUnison, your company can effortlessly manage employee training and certification and achieve contractor compliance and SECOR/COR certification easier. Leveraging data, our platform provides actionable insights for continuous improvement, all within a scalable and intuitive interface. Plus, our dedicated customer support and access to Safety Professionals ensures a seamless experience from onboarding to ongoing HSE support. InUnison empowers organizations to exceed health and safety standards.

“When we founded Cygnet Energy, the company required a simple solution to ensure compliance requirements were met throughout the organization. The power of InUnison was demonstrated in its quick implementation which fully engaged our team and contractor community. InUnison provides us a strong foundation to build Cygnet’s safety culture, facilitating care and control at each level of accountability.”
– Bryan Lang, Chief Operating Officer, CYGNET ENERGY

Join us today and elevate your workplace safety practices and compliance with InUnison by your side.

WorkSafe Texas LLC

WorkSafe Texas provides small businesses owners with access to worldclass safety resources, scaled for their world.  WorkSafe-TX works like your outside accountant or lawyer. As your part-time safety resource, we give you the tools and structure you need, and expert advice when you need it, to protect your people, your business and your reputation.

Trinity Endeavors

Trinity Endeavors is an industrial supply company that prioritizes safety, transparency and solutions. The company works to build the best partnerships so that they can provide superior pricing and quality on products including PPE, gaskets and fasteners.

SiteDocs Safety Management Software 

It’s difficult to maintain a safe workplace using paper or inadequate software. Today over 3,000+ companies use SiteDocs Safety Management Software to help streamline safety operations with digital forms, ensure compliance with real-time monitoring, and reduce injuries with advanced analytics. This makes safety compliance faster and easier for everyone, saving valuable time, money, and lives. 

“In the past, doing our safety documentation on paper was a headache and unreliable when it really counted. But since we started using SiteDocs to manage our Safety Program, we’ve saved well over $100,000!” -J.D, Safety Consultant

See for yourself how using SiteDocs can help make your company’s safety compliance easier, faster, and better.  



If your company is burdened by paper tickets/forms or spreadsheets used to collect information in the field and think that there must be a better way, there is, and that better way is Cleargistix.

Cleargistix is a cloud-based digital ticketing solution that allows oilfield companies and other companies with field operations to digitally capture a wide variety of information in the field (service tickets, JSAs, inspection documents, waste manifests, shipping documents, payroll forms, expense reports, etc.) and to digitally route that information through any type of workflow, saving costs, shortening cash cycles, improving efficiencies and providing real-time business intelligence.

Cleargistix is highly configurable and flexible, easy to use (especially by your folks in the field) and adapts to each company’s operations, staff, workflows and needs.

We have partnered with oilfield and other companies to improve DSO by +50%, cut ticket/invoicing costs by +50%, reduce payroll processing time by +50% and save countless hours (and not to mention a great deal of frustration) by getting rid of their paper tickets/forms and spreadsheets.

Predictive Safety SRP, Inc.

Predictive Safety was founded in 2009 with the mission to improve workplace safety, reduce risk, and boost productivity by predicting and managing worker fatigue and cognitive impairment. Predictive Safety products include two patented SaaS-based applications called AlertMeter® and PRISM as well as Biomathematical Shift Schedule Assessments.

Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services

Occupational safety and health policies and procedures represent the foundation of a functioning and executable safety management system. Using a customized approach, Mariner-Gulf’s technical writing group works with your team to develop customized policies and procedures that meet regulatory standards, third-party verification requirements, industry best practices, and have withstood hundreds of hiring client audits.

These customized written programs ensure top management involvement, employee participation, and continuous feedback loops for improvement such as Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and fit well with established safety management systems such as ANSI/ASSP Z-10-2012 (R2017) and ISO 45001. Mariner-Gulf’s team of experienced technical writers help move your team beyond compliance.