WithU is on a mission to empower the world to choose fitness. We recognise the transformative power of movement, and we work to amplify that through our on-demand fitness app. We believe that fitness should be an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone, and that’s why our app caters for everybody. With audio-guided workouts across countless different disciplines – HIIT to Pilates, strength training to yoga, rowing to stretching, and so much more – led by world-class coaches who can guide and support you every rep of the way. We also believe that fitness of the mind is just as important, so whether you want to reduce your stress, boost your mood, or improve your sleep, we’ve got a large variety of sessions on hand to help.

SWIFT Learning Inc.

SWIFT Learning is committed to making a meaningful impact to keep workers safe physically and mentally. SWIFT provides a SaaS eLearning Platform, 70+ Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Mental Health, and Well-Being courses, and our flagship, patent pending SAHARA technology in over 100 languages on all devices.

SAHARA (Safety And Health Awareness Risk Assessment) is a SaaS workplace risk assessment, safety and mental health management and training technology that enables organizations to take proactive steps to realize measurable improvements in safety performance and corporate wellness.

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