UCPM is a specialty wholesale broker and program manager specializing in environmental
insurance. UCPM provides the expertise and market representation to help agents deliver
competitive and comprehensive pollution insurance solutions to their clients.

For over 30 years, UCPM has been committed to innovating technology and unique services that
provide enhanced value and greater efficiency. This includes their unique online platform to help
agents obtain Contractor Pollution Liability coverage for their contracting clients.

Environmental Risk Professionals

Environmental Risk Professionals is an environmental consulting firm with a team of experienced
experts determined to help companies minimize pollution claims. Environmental Risk Professionals
helps businesses understand their risk exposures and in turn, mitigate potential claims and negative
effects on the environment. CERC is administered by Environmental Risk Professionals.

CERC showcases contractors by helping them stand out from lesser-qualified competition and win more
bids. Contractors become CERC certified by establishing an environmental risk management training
plan and securing true pollution coverage.

Tawney Insurance & Safety Solutions

Tawney Insurance & Safety Solutions is a full-service insurance agency and safety consulting firm, and is uniquely positioned in the market with an understanding of hiring client insurance and regulatory requirements. With a strategic risk management approach, Tawney Insurance possesses a specialized understanding of the risk profiles and processes needed for success.